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DumpableNcFile Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  FileFormat { Classic, Offset64Bits }
enum  FileMode { ReadOnly, Write, Replace, New }
enum  FillMode { Fill = NC_FILL, NoFill = NC_NOFILL, Bad }

Public Member Functions

NcBool abort (void)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, char)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int, const long *)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int, const int *)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int, const float *)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int, const double *)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, ncbyte)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, short)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, long)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, float)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, double)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, const char *)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int, const char *)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int, const ncbyte *)
NcBool add_att (NcToken attname, int, const short *)
NcDimadd_dim (NcToken dimname, long dimsize)
NcDimadd_dim (NcToken dimname)
NcVaradd_var (NcToken varname, NcType type, const NcDim *dim0=0, const NcDim *dim1=0, const NcDim *dim2=0, const NcDim *dim3=0, const NcDim *dim4=0)
NcVaradd_var (NcToken varname, NcType type, int ndims, const NcDim **dims)
NcBool close (void)
NcBool data_mode (void)
NcBool define_mode (void)
 DumpableNcFile (const char *path, NcFile::FileMode mode=ReadOnly)
void dumpdata (void)
void dumpdims (void)
void dumpgatts (void)
void dumpvars (void)
NcAttget_att (NcToken) const
NcAttget_att (int) const
NcDimget_dim (int) const
NcDimget_dim (NcToken) const
FillMode get_fill (void) const
NcVarget_var (int) const
NcVarget_var (NcToken) const
int id (void) const
NcBool is_valid (void) const
int num_atts (void) const
int num_dims (void) const
int num_vars (void) const
NcDimrec_dim (void) const
NcBool set_fill (FillMode=Fill)
NcBool sync (void)

Protected Attributes

NcDim ** dimensions
int in_define_mode
FillMode the_fill_mode
int the_id
NcVar ** variables

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file nctst.cpp.

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