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 *   Copyright 1996, UCAR/Unidata
 *   See netcdf/COPYRIGHT file for copying and redistribution conditions.
 *   $Id: tests.h,v 1.34 2004/11/16 21:51:16 russ Exp $

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <assert.h>
#include <limits.h>
#include <float.h>
#define NO_NETCDF_2 1
#include "netcdf.h"
#include "error.h"

#if defined(_CRAY) && !defined(_CRAYIEEE)
#define CRAYFLOAT 1 /* CRAY Floating point */
#elif defined(_SX) && defined(_FLOAT2)    /* NEC SUPER-UX in CRAY mode */
#define CRAYFLOAT 1 /* CRAY Floating point */

    /* Limits of external types (based on those in ncx.h) */

#define X_CHAR_MIN      CHAR_MIN
#define X_CHAR_MAX      CHAR_MAX
#define X_BYTE_MIN      (-128)
#define X_BYTE_MAX      127
#define X_SHORT_MIN     (-32768)
#define X_SHORT_MAX     32767
#define X_INT_MIN (-2147483648.)
#define X_INT_MAX 2147483647
#if defined(FLT_MAX_EXP) && FLT_MAX_EXP < 128
#define X_FLOAT_MAX     FLT_MAX
#define X_FLOAT_MAX     3.40282347e+38f
#define X_FLOAT_MIN     (-X_FLOAT_MAX)
/* ldexp(1. - ldexp(.5 , -46), 1024) */
#define X_DOUBLE_MAX    1.79769313486230e+308
/* scalb(1. - scalb(.5 , -52), 1024) */
#define X_DOUBLE_MAX    1.7976931348623157e+308 

#if _SX /* NEC SUPER UX */
#if _INT64
#undef  INT_MAX /* workaround cpp bug */
#define INT_MAX  X_INT_MAX
#undef  INT_MIN /* workaround cpp bug */
#define INT_MIN  X_INT_MIN
#undef  LONG_MAX /* workaround cpp bug */
#undef  LONG_MIN /* workaround cpp bug */
#elif _LONG64
#undef  LONG_MAX /* workaround cpp bug */
#define LONG_MAX  4294967295L
#undef  LONG_MIN /* workaround cpp bug */
#define LONG_MIN -4294967295L
#endif /* _SX */

#ifndef MAX
#define MAX(a,b) ((a) > (b) ? (a) : (b))
#endif /* MAX */

#ifndef MIN
#define MIN(a,b) ((a) < (b) ? (a) : (b))
#endif /* MIN */

#ifndef ABS
#define ABS(x)  ((x) < 0 ? -(x) : (x))
#endif /* ABS */

    /* Parameters of test data */

#define NTYPES 6
#define NDIMS 5
#define NVARS 136
#define NRECS 2
#define RECDIM 0
#define MAX_RANK 3
#define MAX_NELS 64
#define MAX_DIM_LEN 4
#define MAX_NATTS 3

    /* Limits of internal types */

#define text_min CHAR_MIN
#define uchar_min 0
#define schar_min SCHAR_MIN
#define short_min SHRT_MIN
#define int_min INT_MIN
#define long_min LONG_MIN
#define float_min (-FLT_MAX)
#define double_min (-DBL_MAX)

#define text_max CHAR_MAX
#define uchar_max UCHAR_MAX
#define schar_max SCHAR_MAX
#define short_max SHRT_MAX
#define int_max INT_MAX
#define long_max LONG_MAX
#define float_max FLT_MAX
#define double_max DBL_MAX

    /* Examples of invalid argument values */

#define BAD_ID -1               /* invalid netCDF ID */
#define BAD_DIMID -1            /* invalid dim ID */
#define BAD_VARID -2            /* invalid var ID */
#define BAD_ATTNUM -1           /* invalid att number */
#define BAD_TYPE (nc_type) 0    /* invalid data type */
#define BAD_FILLMODE -1         /* invalid fill mode */
#define BAD_NAME "a/b"        /* invalid name */
#define BAD_DEFAULT_FORMAT 12   /* invalid default format */

#define LEN_OF(array) ((sizeof array) / (sizeof array[0]))

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

    /* Non-standard internal types */

typedef char text;
typedef signed char schar;
#if !defined(uchar) && !defined(__osf__) && !defined(_AIX)
typedef unsigned char uchar;

    /* Global variables - filenames */

extern char testfile[];       /* netCDF read-only test data */
extern char scratch[];        /* netCDF test file for writing */

    /* Global variables - command-line arguments */

extern int  read_only;        /* if 1, don't try to change files */
extern int  verbose;          /* if 1, print details of tests */
extern int  nfails;           /* number of failures in specific test */
extern int  max_nmpt;         /* max. number of messages per test */

    /* Global variables - test data */

extern char dim_name[NDIMS][3];
extern size_t dim_len[NDIMS];
extern char var_name[NVARS][2+MAX_RANK];
extern nc_type var_type[NVARS];
extern size_t var_rank[NVARS];
extern int var_dimid[NVARS][MAX_RANK];
extern size_t var_shape[NVARS][MAX_RANK];
extern size_t var_nels[NVARS];
extern size_t var_natts[NVARS];
extern char att_name[NVARS][MAX_NATTS][2];
extern char gatt_name[NGATTS][3];
extern nc_type att_type[NVARS][NGATTS];
extern nc_type gatt_type[NGATTS];
extern size_t att_len[NVARS][MAX_NATTS];
extern size_t gatt_len[NGATTS];

    /* Macros for accessing attribute test data */
    /* varid is -1 for NC_GLOBAL so can do global atts in same loop */

#define VARID(varid)      (varid < 0 ? NC_GLOBAL : varid)
#define NATTS(varid)      (varid < 0 ? NGATTS : var_natts[varid])
#define ATT_NAME(varid,j) (varid < 0 ? gatt_name[j] : att_name[varid][j])
#define ATT_TYPE(varid,j) (varid < 0 ? gatt_type[j] : att_type[varid][j])
#define ATT_LEN(varid,j)  (varid < 0 ? gatt_len[j] : att_len[varid][j])

extern const char *s_nc_type(nc_type);

extern void test_nc_strerror(void);
extern void test_nc_open(void);
extern void test_nc_close(void);

extern void test_nc_inq(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_natts(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_ndims(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_nvars(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_unlimdim(void);

extern void test_nc_inq_dimid(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_dim(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_dimlen(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_dimname(void);

extern void test_nc_inq_varid(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_vardimid(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_varname(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_varnatts(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_varndims(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_vartype(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_var(void);

extern void test_nc_get_var_double(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var_float(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var_int(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var_long(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var_short(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var_text(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var(void);

extern void test_nc_get_var1_double(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1_float(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1_int(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1_long(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1_short(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1_text(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_var1(void);

extern void test_nc_get_vara_double(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara_float(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara_int(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara_long(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara_short(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara_text(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vara(void);

extern void test_nc_get_vars(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_double(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_float(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_int(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_long(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_short(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_text(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_vars(void);

extern void test_nc_get_varm(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_double(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_float(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_int(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_long(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_short(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_text(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_varm(void);

extern void test_nc_get_att(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_double(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_float(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_int(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_long(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_short(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_text(void);
extern void test_nc_get_att_uchar(void);

extern void test_nc_put_var_double(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var_float(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var_int(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var_long(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var_short(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var_text(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var(void);

extern void test_nc_put_var1_double(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1_float(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1_int(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1_long(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1_short(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1_text(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_var1(void);

extern void test_nc_put_vara_double(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara_float(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara_int(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara_long(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara_short(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara_text(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vara(void);

extern void test_nc_put_vars_double(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars_float(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars_int(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars_long(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars_short(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars_text(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_vars(void);

extern void test_nc_put_varm_double(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm_float(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm_int(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm_long(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm_short(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm_text(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm_uchar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_varm(void);

extern void test_nc_put_att(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_double(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_float(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_int(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_long(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_schar(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_short(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_text(void);
extern void test_nc_put_att_uchar(void);

extern void test_nc_create(void);
extern void test_nc_redef(void);
extern void test_nc_enddef(void);
extern void test_nc_sync(void);
extern void test_nc_abort(void);
extern void test_nc_def_dim(void);
extern void test_nc_rename_dim(void);
extern void test_nc_def_var(void);
extern void test_nc_rename_var(void);
extern void test_nc_copy_att(void);

extern void test_nc_inq_att(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_attname(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_attid(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_attlen(void);
extern void test_nc_inq_atttype(void);

extern void test_nc_rename_att(void);
extern void test_nc_del_att(void);
extern void test_nc_set_fill(void);
extern void test_nc_set_default_format(void);

void print_nok(int nok);

int inRange(const double value, const nc_type datatype);

 * internal types
typedef enum {
      NCT_UCHAR = 1,    /* unsigned char */
      NCT_TEXT =  16,   /* char */
      NCT_SCHAR = 17,   /* signed char */
      NCT_SHORT = 18,   /* short */
      NCT_INT =   20,   /* int */
      NCT_LONG =  22,   /* long */
      NCT_FLOAT = 36,   /* float */
      NCT_DOUBLE =      40    /* double */
} nct_itype;

int inRange3(const double value, const nc_type datatype, const nct_itype itype);

int equal(const double x, const double y, nc_type extType, nct_itype itype);

int int_vec_eq(const int *v1, const int *v2, const int n);

int roll( int n );

    size_t number,        /* number to be converted to mixed base */
    size_t length,
    const size_t base[],        /* dimensioned [length], base[0] ignored */
    size_t result[]);      /* dimensioned [length] */

    size_t length,
    size_t number[],      /* dimensioned [length] */
    size_t base[]);        /* dimensioned [length], base[0] ignored */

int nc2dbl ( const nc_type datatype, const void *p, double *result);

int dbl2nc ( const double d, const nc_type datatype, void *p);

double hash( const nc_type type, const int rank, const size_t *index );

double hash4(
    const nc_type type,
    const int rank,
    const size_t *index,
    const nct_itype itype);

void init_gvars(void);

void def_dims(int ncid);

void def_vars(int ncid);

void put_atts(int ncid);

void put_vars(int ncid);

void write_file(char *filename);

void check_dims(int  ncid);

void check_vars(int  ncid);

void check_atts(int  ncid);

void check_file(char *filename);

 * These functions are defined in ../libsrc and are
 * used to support interface version 2 backward compatiblity.
 * They are not really public, but we wrote these tests before
 * we decided to hide them. 
 * N.B. there is potential for these declarations to get
 * out of sync with those in ../libsrc/nc.h and the definitions.
extern int
nctypelen(nc_type datatype);

extern int
nc_put_att(int ncid, int varid, const char *name, nc_type datatype,
      size_t len, const void *value);

extern int
nc_get_att(int ncid, int varid, const char *name, void *value);

extern int
nc_put_var1(int ncid, int varid, const size_t *index, const void *value);

extern int
nc_get_var1(int ncid, int varid, const size_t *index, void *value);

extern int
nc_put_vara(int ncid, int varid,
       const size_t *start, const size_t *count, const void *value);

extern int
nc_get_vara(int ncid, int varid,
       const size_t *start, const size_t *count, void *value);

extern int
nc_put_vars(int ncid, int varid,
       const size_t *start, const size_t *count, const ptrdiff_t *stride,
       const void * value);

extern int
nc_get_vars(int ncid, int varid,
       const size_t *start, const size_t *count, const ptrdiff_t *stride,
       void * value);

extern int
nc_put_varm(int ncid, int varid,
       const size_t *start, const size_t *count, const ptrdiff_t *stride,
       const ptrdiff_t * map, const void *value);

extern int
nc_get_varm(int ncid, int varid,
       const size_t *start, const size_t *count, const ptrdiff_t *stride,
       const ptrdiff_t * map, void *value);

#ifdef __cplusplus

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