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#if 0
 *   Copyright 1996, UCAR/Unidata
 *   See netcdf/COPYRIGHT file for copying and redistribution conditions.
 *   $Id: nf_test.F,v 1.18 2004/07/21 13:03:01 ed Exp $

 * Test driver for netCDF-3 interface.  This program performs tests against
 * the netCDF-3 specification for all user-level functions in an
 * implementation of the netCDF library.
 * Unless invoked with "-r" (readonly) option, must be invoked from a
 * directory in which the invoker has write permission.
 * Files:
 * The read-only tests read files:
 *     test.nc (see below)
 *     tests.inc (used merely as an example of a non-netCDF file)
 * The write tests 
 *     read test.nc (see below) 
 *     write scratch.nc (deleted after each test)
 * The file test.nc is created by running nc_test with the -c (create) option.

        subroutine usage()
        implicit        none
#include "tests.inc"

        call error('usage: nf_test [-hrv] [-n <MAX_NMPT>]')
        call error('       nf_test [-c]')
        call error('   [-h] Print help' )
        call error('   [-c] Create file test.nc (Do not do tests)' )
        call error('   [-r] Just do read-only tests' )
        call error('   [-v] Verbose mode' )
        call error(
     +  '   [-n <max>] max. number of messages per test (Default: 8)')

        subroutine test(name, func)
        implicit        none
        character*(*)   name
        external        func
#include "tests.inc"

        write(*, 1) name
1       format('*** Testing ', a, ' ... ')
        nfails = 0
        call func()
        nfailsTotal = nfailsTotal + nfails
        if (verbose)
     +      print *, ' '
        if ( nfails .ne. 0) then
            print *, ' '
            print *, '  ### ', nfails, ' FAILURES TESTING ', name, 
     +               '! ###'
        end if

! which machines need this?
        subroutine getarg(iarg, carg)
        implicit        none
        integer iarg
        character*(*)   carg
        integer ilen
        integer ierror
        call PXFGETARG(iarg, carg, ilen, ierror)

        program nf_test
!     DIGITAL Visual Fortran needs DFLIB for getarg
!     DIGITAL Visual Fortran needs DFPORT for iargc
        implicit        none
#elif defined(NAGf90Fortran)
        USE F90_UNIX_ENV, only : iargc, getarg
        implicit        none
        implicit        none
        integer         iargc
#include "tests.inc"

        integer         argc
        character*80    arg
        integer         iarg
        integer         iopt
        character*1     opt
        integer         lastopt
        logical         skiparg
        integer         status

        external        test_nf_strerror
        external        test_nf_open
        external        test_nf_close
        external        test_nf_inq
        external        test_nf_inq_dimid
        external        test_nf_inq_dim
        external        test_nf_inq_dimlen
        external        test_nf_inq_dimname
        external        test_nf_inq_varid
        external        test_nf_inq_var
        external        test_nf_inq_natts
        external        test_nf_inq_ndims
        external        test_nf_inq_nvars
        external        test_nf_inq_unlimdim
        external        test_nf_inq_vardimid
        external        test_nf_inq_varname
        external        test_nf_inq_varnatts
        external        test_nf_inq_varndims
        external        test_nf_inq_vartype
        external        test_nf_get_var1_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_get_var1_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_get_var1_int2
        external        test_nf_get_var1_int
        external        test_nf_get_var1_real
        external        test_nf_get_var1_double
        external        test_nf_get_var_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_get_var_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_get_var_int2
        external        test_nf_get_var_int
        external        test_nf_get_var_real
        external        test_nf_get_var_double
        external        test_nf_get_vara_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_get_vara_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_get_vara_int2
        external        test_nf_get_vara_int
        external        test_nf_get_vara_real
        external        test_nf_get_vara_double
        external        test_nf_get_vars_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_get_vars_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_get_vars_int2
        external        test_nf_get_vars_int
        external        test_nf_get_vars_real
        external        test_nf_get_vars_double
        external        test_nf_get_varm_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_get_varm_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_get_varm_int2
        external        test_nf_get_varm_int
        external        test_nf_get_varm_real
        external        test_nf_get_varm_double
        external        test_nf_get_att_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_get_att_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_get_att_int2
        external        test_nf_get_att_int
        external        test_nf_get_att_real
        external        test_nf_get_att_double
        external        test_nf_inq_att
        external        test_nf_inq_attname
        external        test_nf_inq_attid
        external        test_nf_inq_attlen
        external        test_nf_inq_atttype
        external        test_nf_create
        external        test_nf_redef
        external        test_nf_enddef
        external        test_nf_sync
        external        test_nf_abort
        external        test_nf_def_dim
        external        test_nf_rename_dim
        external        test_nf_def_var
        external        test_nf_put_var1_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_put_var1_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_put_var1_int2
        external        test_nf_put_var1_int
        external        test_nf_put_var1_real
        external        test_nf_put_var1_double
        external        test_nf_put_var_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_put_var_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_put_var_int2
        external        test_nf_put_var_int
        external        test_nf_put_var_real
        external        test_nf_put_var_double
        external        test_nf_put_vara_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_put_vara_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_put_vara_int2
        external        test_nf_put_vara_int
        external        test_nf_put_vara_real
        external        test_nf_put_vara_double
        external        test_nf_put_vars_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_put_vars_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_put_vars_int2
        external        test_nf_put_vars_int
        external        test_nf_put_vars_real
        external        test_nf_put_vars_double
        external        test_nf_put_varm_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_put_varm_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_put_varm_int2
        external        test_nf_put_varm_int
        external        test_nf_put_varm_real
        external        test_nf_put_varm_double
        external        test_nf_rename_var
        external        test_nf_put_att_text
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        external        test_nf_put_att_int1
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        external        test_nf_put_att_int2
        external        test_nf_put_att_int
        external        test_nf_put_att_real
        external        test_nf_put_att_double
        external        test_nf_copy_att
        external        test_nf_rename_att
        external        test_nf_del_att
        external        test_nf_set_fill
        external        test_nf_set_default_format
        external        ignorefpe

        call ignorefpe(1)

        testfile = 'test.nc'
        scratch = 'scratch.nc'

        nfailsTotal = 0
        call getarg(0, progname)
        create_file = .false.   !/* file test.nc will normally already exist */
        readonly = .false.      !/* assume may write in test dir as default */
        verbose = .false.
        max_nmpt = 8
        skiparg = .false.

        argc = iargc()
        do 1, iarg = 1, argc
            if (skiparg) then
                skiparg = .false.
                call getarg(iarg, arg)
                if (arg(1:1) .eq. '-') then
                    lastopt = index(arg, ' ') - 1
                    do 2, iopt = 2, lastopt
                        opt = arg(iopt:iopt)
                        if (opt .eq. 'c') then
                            create_file = .true.
                        else if (opt .eq. 'r') then
                            readonly = .true.
                        else if (opt .eq. 'v') then
                            verbose = .true.
                        else if (opt .eq. 'n') then
                            call getarg(iarg+1, arg)
                            ! NOTE: The UNICOS 8 fort77(1) compiler does
                            ! not support list-directed I/O from an internal
                            ! file -- so we use a format specification.
                            read (arg, '(i6)') max_nmpt
                            skiparg = .true.
                            go to 1
                            call usage
                            call udexit(1)
                        end if
    2           continue
                    call usage
                    call udexit(1)
                end if
            end if
1       continue

C       /* Initialize global variables defining test file */
        call init_gvars

        if ( create_file ) then
            call write_file(testfile)
            if (nfailsTotal .eq. 0)
     +           call udexit(0)
            call udexit(1)
        end if

C       /* delete any existing scratch netCDF file */
        if ( .not. readonly )
     +      status = nf_delete(scratch)

C       /* Test read-only functions, using pregenerated test-file */
        call test('nf_strerror', test_nf_strerror)
        call test('nf_open', test_nf_open)
        call test('nf_close', test_nf_close)
        call test('nf_inq', test_nf_inq)
        call test('nf_inq_dimid', test_nf_inq_dimid)
        call test('nf_inq_dim', test_nf_inq_dim)
        call test('nf_inq_dimlen', test_nf_inq_dimlen)
        call test('nf_inq_dimname', test_nf_inq_dimname)
        call test('nf_inq_varid', test_nf_inq_varid)
        call test('nf_inq_var', test_nf_inq_var)
        call test('nf_inq_natts', test_nf_inq_natts)
        call test('nf_inq_ndims', test_nf_inq_ndims)
        call test('nf_inq_nvars', test_nf_inq_nvars)
        call test('nf_inq_unlimdim', test_nf_inq_unlimdim)
        call test('nf_inq_vardimid', test_nf_inq_vardimid)
        call test('nf_inq_varname', test_nf_inq_varname)
        call test('nf_inq_varnatts', test_nf_inq_varnatts)
        call test('nf_inq_varndims', test_nf_inq_varndims)
        call test('nf_inq_vartype', test_nf_inq_vartype)
        call test('nf_get_var1_text', test_nf_get_var1_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        call test('nf_get_var1_int1', test_nf_get_var1_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        call test('nf_get_var1_int2', test_nf_get_var1_int2)
        call test('nf_get_var1_int', test_nf_get_var1_int)
        call test('nf_get_var1_real', test_nf_get_var1_real)
        call test('nf_get_var1_double', test_nf_get_var1_double)
        call test('nf_get_var_text', test_nf_get_var_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        call test('nf_get_var_int1', test_nf_get_var_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        call test('nf_get_var_int2', test_nf_get_var_int2)
        call test('nf_get_var_int', test_nf_get_var_int)
        call test('nf_get_var_real', test_nf_get_var_real)
        call test('nf_get_var_double', test_nf_get_var_double)
        call test('nf_get_vara_text', test_nf_get_vara_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        call test('nf_get_vara_int1', test_nf_get_vara_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        call test('nf_get_vara_int2', test_nf_get_vara_int2)
        call test('nf_get_vara_int', test_nf_get_vara_int)
        call test('nf_get_vara_real', test_nf_get_vara_real)
        call test('nf_get_vara_double', test_nf_get_vara_double)
        call test('nf_get_vars_text', test_nf_get_vars_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        call test('nf_get_vars_int1', test_nf_get_vars_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        call test('nf_get_vars_int2', test_nf_get_vars_int2)
        call test('nf_get_vars_int', test_nf_get_vars_int)
        call test('nf_get_vars_real', test_nf_get_vars_real)
        call test('nf_get_vars_double', test_nf_get_vars_double)
        call test('nf_get_varm_text', test_nf_get_varm_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        call test('nf_get_varm_int1', test_nf_get_varm_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        call test('nf_get_varm_int2', test_nf_get_varm_int2)
        call test('nf_get_varm_int', test_nf_get_varm_int)
        call test('nf_get_varm_real', test_nf_get_varm_real)
        call test('nf_get_varm_double', test_nf_get_varm_double)
        call test('nf_get_att_text', test_nf_get_att_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
        call test('nf_get_att_int1', test_nf_get_att_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
        call test('nf_get_att_int2', test_nf_get_att_int2)
        call test('nf_get_att_int', test_nf_get_att_int)
        call test('nf_get_att_real', test_nf_get_att_real)
        call test('nf_get_att_double', test_nf_get_att_double)
        call test('nf_inq_att', test_nf_inq_att)
        call test('nf_inq_attname', test_nf_inq_attname)
        call test('nf_inq_attid', test_nf_inq_attid)
        call test('nf_inq_attlen', test_nf_inq_attlen)
        call test('nf_inq_atttype', test_nf_inq_atttype)

C           /* Test write functions */
        if (.not. readonly) then
            call test('nf_create', test_nf_create)
            call test('nf_redef', test_nf_redef)
            call test('nf_enddef', test_nf_enddef)
            call test('nf_sync', test_nf_sync)
            call test('nf_abort', test_nf_abort)
            call test('nf_def_dim', test_nf_def_dim)
            call test('nf_rename_dim', test_nf_rename_dim)
            call test('nf_def_var', test_nf_def_var)
            call test('nf_put_var1_text', test_nf_put_var1_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
            call test('nf_put_var1_int1', test_nf_put_var1_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
            call test('nf_put_var1_int2', test_nf_put_var1_int2)
            call test('nf_put_var1_int', test_nf_put_var1_int)
            call test('nf_put_var1_real', test_nf_put_var1_real)
            call test('nf_put_var1_double', test_nf_put_var1_double)
            call test('nf_put_var_text', test_nf_put_var_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
            call test('nf_put_var_int1', test_nf_put_var_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
            call test('nf_put_var_int2', test_nf_put_var_int2)
            call test('nf_put_var_int', test_nf_put_var_int)
            call test('nf_put_var_real', test_nf_put_var_real)
            call test('nf_put_var_double', test_nf_put_var_double)
            call test('nf_put_vara_text', test_nf_put_vara_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
            call test('nf_put_vara_int1', test_nf_put_vara_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
            call test('nf_put_vara_int2', test_nf_put_vara_int2)
            call test('nf_put_vara_int', test_nf_put_vara_int)
            call test('nf_put_vara_real', test_nf_put_vara_real)
            call test('nf_put_vara_double', test_nf_put_vara_double)
            call test('nf_put_vars_text', test_nf_put_vars_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
            call test('nf_put_vars_int1', test_nf_put_vars_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
            call test('nf_put_vars_int2', test_nf_put_vars_int2)
            call test('nf_put_vars_int', test_nf_put_vars_int)
            call test('nf_put_vars_real', test_nf_put_vars_real)
            call test('nf_put_vars_double', test_nf_put_vars_double)
            call test('nf_put_varm_text', test_nf_put_varm_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
            call test('nf_put_varm_int1', test_nf_put_varm_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
            call test('nf_put_varm_int2', test_nf_put_varm_int2)
            call test('nf_put_varm_int', test_nf_put_varm_int)
            call test('nf_put_varm_real', test_nf_put_varm_real)
            call test('nf_put_varm_double', test_nf_put_varm_double)
            call test('nf_rename_var', test_nf_rename_var)
            call test('nf_put_att_text', test_nf_put_att_text)
#if defined(NF_INT1_T)
            call test('nf_put_att_int1', test_nf_put_att_int1)
#if defined(NF_INT2_T)
            call test('nf_put_att_int2', test_nf_put_att_int2)
            call test('nf_put_att_int', test_nf_put_att_int)
            call test('nf_put_att_real', test_nf_put_att_real)
            call test('nf_put_att_double', test_nf_put_att_double)
            call test('nf_copy_att', test_nf_copy_att)
            call test('nf_rename_att', test_nf_rename_att)
            call test('nf_del_att', test_nf_del_att)
            call test('nf_set_fill', test_nf_set_fill)
            call test('nf_set_default_format', 
     +           test_nf_set_default_format)
        end if

        print *,'Total number of failures: ', nfailsTotal
        if (nfailsTotal .eq. 0)
     +      call udexit(0)
        call udexit(1)

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